👋 Hey!

Great that you made it here!

We at AustrianStartups have started the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program in Spring 2020 - now, more than 1.5 years and over 40 graduates later we are again looking for passionate and ambitious individuals to join our 4th intake!

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Program is a community for those that don't complain about problems but go and build. It's a one-year immersive program centered around startup-skills, leadership development and mutual support.

🦸 Apply until September 24!

🚀 What can you expect?

💡 Startup Skill Workshops

Hands-on skill workshops that enable you to put ideas into practice yourself.

From recognizing opportunities and developing impactful ideas, to building quick prototypes and creating visually appealing designs - we empower you to make the first steps on your own & prepare you for the challenges of the future. We believe that both online meetings and in-person meetings have their advantages and disadvantages - that is why about half of our workshops take place remotely and the other half in co-working spaces around Vienna.

❤️ Mentoring Program

A mentoring community that empowers you to create your personal support network and get inspired by a highly ambitious group of fellows.

Throughout your educational journey, we will provide you with buddies and mentors that introduce you to AustrianStartups & the ecosystem, support your personal development and help you with building up a network.

🌳 Discussions Labs

Case Study evenings that push you to look beyond the surface of current problems & embrace the responsibility that comes with driving change.

Being an entrepreneur involves responsibility and requires thought leadership. In our monthly discussion groups we bring you together with experts & opinion leaders from different areas in technology and the startup world to discuss where our world is heading and how entrepreneurs can make an impact.

🧑‍🚀 Leadership Development Sessions

Personal development sessions that help you build a mindset to thrive in an entrepreneurial world and lead your startup team succesfully.